Alex and Ania Against Humanity!

As promised to our Patreon backers, Alex and Ania now deliver our custom Cards Against Humanity expansion.  63 new black cards and 162 new white cards await you all, to add a sexy, fishy, Lovecraftian, and misandric dimension to your Cards Against Humanity sessions.

Some favorite black (question) cards:

The weird new fish recently discovered off the coast of Burma makes heavy use of ____________ in its mating display.

Last time I bought meth from the one-eyed guy with the nervous tick in the trailer park, I instead received __________ cut with ___________.

When my goldfish died, I went on a six-week rampage of _________________, SO THAT THEY TOO WOULD KNOW LOSS.


Some favorite white (answer) cards:

Making him a sub.

Presiding over a sex empire from a throne made of RealDolls.

Being a woman on the Internet.

Getting confused and accidentally eating the head of your sex partner.

Actually having a moment to talk about our lord and savior Christ Jesus.


And that’s only the beginning–the choicest cards are inside.  Download the complete set of 225 new cards here: Alex and Ania Splain You A Thing CAH expansion.


This set would not have been possible without several conversations with and many contributions from Miri Mogilevsky.  See if you can’t recognize the ones she provided 🙂

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