Why Are my Guts Crying (x-post with Angie)

Cartoon of Angie Jackson

This is a post co-written by Ania and Angie. 

“Because I ate a balanced breakfast”Cartoon Ania

“Because I saw a piece of lettuce on someone else’s plate”

“Because I forgot my mother’s birthday”

“Because your Instagram pictures of flax seed everything gave me fiber by osmosis.”

“Because the dilaudid they gave me to treat the pain from my diarrhea made me constipated”

“Because I didn’t drink coffee.”
“Because I did drink coffee.”

“Because I ran out of weed”

“Because the food I took my pills with must come out somehow.”
“Because my pants have a button.”

“Because the starbucks confused fat free milk with lactose free milk”
“Because it’s too cold to not wear pants”

“Because I did a beginner yoga routine.”

“Because it’s raining”

“Because I’m on my period.”

“Because I spent too much time out in the sun”

“Because I rode the bus over potholes”

“Because they got me an ice cream cake for my birthday and I love ice cream cake.”
“Because the rough toilet paper was cheaper”

“I thought gelato was dairy free”

“Because I haven’t written a blog post in a while”
“Because it is almost the end of the month *cue money anxiety*”
“Because I got into a fight with a friend”

“Because I’m worried about money”

“Because I caught a cold”
“Because my cat slept on my face”

“Because the seasons are changing”

“Because I’m worried about my friends”
“Because I thought I lost my wallet”.
“Because money was tight so we had mac and cheese”
“Because it’s Tuesday”

“Because I was too tired to the walk to the store so I skipped dinner”
“Because I ate the same food I made for my son instead of making two dinners.”
“Because I watched a scary movie.”

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