Medical Marijuana 101

Have you been curious about medical marijuana and the people who’ve used it? Have you, like everyone else, been fed misinformation from both opposers and supporters? Ania writes a series of posts about her experiences and addressing some of the myths surrounding medical marijuana.

Prior to beginning use, I had no experience with drugs of questionable legality. Before deciding to, I did extensive research taking advantage of my science and psychology background.

I’m making videos! 

Prescriptions container of medical marijuana Introduction to Medical Marijuana 101 – addressing the first of the most common questions I’ve received regarding medical pot use.

Barriers to Use – What are the things that get in the way of patient’s being able to access this medication.

Understanding Addiction – Is marijuana addictive? Am I scared of getting addicted? What even is addiction?

Pros and Cons of Different Delivery Methods – What are the different ways to take MMJ?

Posts to come:

Common Myths

How to Help Medical Marijuana Users




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